PS Plus price US increase with September 2016 shock

By Alan Ng - Aug 25, 2016

We have some very important news now for PS4 and PS3 gamers currently subscribed to PS Plus in the US and Canada – which is most of you since PS Plus is now a mandatory requirement for the majority of multiplayer games.

Sony has stealthily announced that they are to increase the PS Plus price in the US and Canada in September 2016.

The price will increase to $60 USD for a 12 month membership and $24.99 USD for three months membership in the US.


The price for a single month membership will remain at $9.99, but it means that the prices will be raised from $50 for 12 months and $17.99 for 3 months which you can get right now.

The deadline for this change is September 22, 2016, so this is really important. If you want to pay $10 cheaper, you should buy your next 12 months subscription before this date, likewise if you want an extra 3 months.

Are you unhappy about the price increase, or do you feel it is still a fair price to pay for the content offered? Give us your reaction below.

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  • NgTurbo

    Did anyone see this coming? Kind of a surprising time for a price increase given some of the PS Plus titles offered recently…