PowerVision PowerEgg backpack freebie with early preorders

By Peter Chubb - Aug 25, 2016

Not being able to make it to the PowerVision PowerEgg drone unveil last week, we did feel a little disappointed – but it was at the last minute for us to change our plans. However, we are pleased to finally be able to see just what this new gadget is able to offer, as a few things have changed since we got our first glimpse earlier this year.

Before we have a closer look at the main features and specifications, we thought you might want to know that all important PowerVision PowerEgg price, and that is $1,288. OK, we know that this is a huge sum of money to pay, but the specs are truly awesome, as is the design because it’s not conventional.

PowerVision PowerEgg price

As a way to soften the blow, the drone makers are offering an incentive for those that pre-order one right now, and that is freebie by way of a $200 PowerEgg backpack. This makes it ideal for transporting around, as the propellers can be folded downwards, so it looks more like an egg and making it easier to store in that backpack.During the unveil those that were able to attend got to finally see PowerVision’s new drone up close and personal, and were more than taken back with its unique design.

We all know that it’s shaped like an egg, and that the landing gear extends, and like we said above, the landing gear can be folded. It might not look too portable, but that backpack will make things much easier, but it’s when the drone gets in the air the magic truly begins.

Ok, so we know it’s a huge price to pay for a drone, but it’s cable of spinning in any direction, and with its tilt capability, you really will be able to control this easily.

It has a top flying speed of 29 miles per hour and can fly up to 23 minutes on a full charge – so never ignore those battery life warnings will you, as it could be costly. The built-in camera is capable of capturing 4K footage at 60Mbps bit rate, and has a 22mm full-frame lens, along with a f/2.8 aperture.

Full details can be found in the video below, and if you do decide to pre-order one, you should expect your drone to be shipped around mid October.

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