New HP laptops in September update with security focus

By Peter Chubb - Aug 25, 2016

It’s not all about the things that you install onto your laptop that are important at improving security, as there are other precautions people take as well. You may spend so much money on the software, only for someone being able to have a sly look at what appears on your screen while you have your laptop out in public.

There is already a solution out there, which is a privacy screen that helps to reduce the viewing angle, making at harder for those prying eyes to spy what’s on your screen. However, for some of you this is considered a clumsy solution, and so HP have worked alongside 3M to come up with a far better solution, and that’s called Sure View.

New HP laptops in September update

This is essentially a privacy screen that is built directly into your laptop, and so allowing you to turn on this security measure as you please. The new HP laptops will be released during the company’s September update lineup, although will only consist of two models for now.

HP’s 2016 EliteBook 1040 and EliteBook 840 models will come with Sure View, although this latest focus on security does have one flaw, and that’s the fact the brighter you have your screen, the less it will be able to obscure what’s on your screen.

If we are to believe what HP claims, then Sure View can obscure the visible light at any angle up to 95 percent, but we guess we will have to wait for those new EliteBook 1040 and EliteBook 840 reviews to surface before we can even pass judgement.

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