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Space Black iPhone 7 pictures with case leak

The iPhone 7 is coming soon and for those that specifically want rumors on what the new iPhone 7 colors will be, it looks like we may have a great heads-up on this.

You may have already heard recently, but for those that missed it the iPhone 7 Space Black color may be a reality very soon.

Dutch website Techtastic has obtained and published some photos showing the new color in the flesh, along with what looks to be an early look at the iPhone 7 Pro.

You can also see in another picture here, the new iPhone with no headphone jack suggesting that the rumors about Apple opting for a Lightning port are true.

Going back to that Space Black color though, do you love it? Space Grey is obviously the color which most of you have at the moment, but would you opt for a darker color if this becomes a reality?

Tell us what you think below, as we are just days away from the event taking place.



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