Faraday Future production car spotted with cannibalized design

By Peter Chubb - Aug 23, 2016

Faraday Future is another one of those projects that you assume will just not happen, and so the moment that a vehicle matching the description of the so-called production model appears, it does cause a bit of a stir.

Yesterday there was a bit of a frenzy because an image started to go around after being shared on Twitter of what was rumoured to be the Faraday Future production car. It has since been confirmed that it was in fact a heavy camouflaged vehicle being tested from FF, and so we now have a far better idea of the direction the company is going in terms of the design of that production vehicle.

Latest Faraday Future design direction hinted

Even though the car has been covered, we can still get an idea of the Faraday Future car design, and it looks to either be an SUV or crossover. If we are looking at it correctly, then we have to say, its design does seem a bit cannibalised.

What we mean by this is that it has elements of several vehicles, such as a big Prius crossed with a Volt. We also have a hard time believing that this is an SUV or crossover, as it has more of a wide, bold coupe look to it.

Having said that, most reports do suggest that Faraday’s first production model is going to be an SUV crossover, so it will be interesting to see what it looks like without all that camouflage.

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