PS4 Slim console picture leak ignites chaos

You’ve waited a long time to see a picture of the PS4 Slim console and now it looks like we may have the first one for you.

PS4 Slim pictures have leaked online and although there’s a chance they could be fake, it looks like this time they are the real thing.

The console was spotted online for sale on Gumtree for £295 but has since been taken down. However, multiple pictures of the listing and from Twitter user Shortman82 have been compiled and stored for your viewing pleasure on this Neogaf thread.


You can see that the console is significantly smaller than the current PS4 and if true it confirms that the PS4 Slim will still be offered with 500GB of storage.


You can see some pictures here, including the leaked PS4 Slim box below. However for a full gallery head to the link above. What are your thoughts on this – do you like the design or is it a little boring?

Let’s wait and see if Sony are forced into an early confirmation before the PlayStation Meeting event in September.



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