Apple Watch 2 not entirely independent

By Peter Chubb - Aug 20, 2016

The next Apple Watch is going to be more like an S update, although will still likely have the number 2 after its name – we just cannot see it being called the 1s can you? Knowing that this is not going to be a massive upgrade over the current version, it makes sense that Apple is not going to pack all that we were hoping for in the next model, which is no surprise, yet will still anger some of you.

Apple Watch 2 still not entirely independent – It’s a feature that has been asked since the release of the Apple Watch, and that is the inclusion of cellular connectivity on the 2nd-gen model. However, you would have gathered by now that this is very unlikely to happen, and so will still be dependant on the iPhone in order for some of its functions.

Apple Watch 2 specs

Having to still carry your iPhone with you in order to make phone calls and other such features might sound like a bind to some of you, something that people would have liked to see an end of with the release of the second generation model, but surely they will be pleased with the fact that Apple is highly likely to include GPS, and improved sensors for greater standalone fitness features?

With this in mind we very much doubt that the new Apple Watch for 2016 will come with a FaceTime camera either, and improved WiFi may also be a big ask, and so are more than likely going to be kept back until the big update, more than likely later next year, possibly even early 2018.

Having said that, some people do find it hard to imagine a FaceTime camera, as it would be just like watching YouTube on a very small screen. So where do you stand on the whole FaceTime camera debate?

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