Windows 10 Mobile Anniversary Update bugs for some

By Peter Chubb - Aug 18, 2016

Well, that went quick because the Windows 10 Mobile Anniversary Update is now available for download. This means you should be able to get the update right now, although you can go to your settings to get it manually, which saves waiting for it to automatically happen.

Juts like the desktop version though, there are a few Windows 10 Mobile Anniversary Update bugs for some users, although we do know not all of them are having the same issues, and so do seem handset specific.

Windows 10 Mobile Anniversary Update looms

We can already see five Windows 10 Mobile Anniversary Update problems right away, and those are 5 seconds delay while unlocking the phone the screen will stay black, as well as the auto brightness will not work correctly, the latest Groove music on this build has no sound, and there are also a number of Bluetooth bugs in this build 14393.67.

A few of our readers have said they are having battery issues with their 1520 since upgrading, although this does not seem to be for most 1520 owners.

While there are plenty of people warning that you should not update to build 14393.67, we have found that a hard reset could help many of the issues being experienced.

Have you had any issues, if so do please share them with Product Reviews readers in the comments section below.

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  • freemachine

    Have a Lumia 950XL and now the Gadgets Hub isn’t recognizing my devices. Thanks Microsoft.

  • AB

    Just another disaster for me. Have a Lumia Icon and nothing but 8.1 works well on it for me. Tried 10 multiple times and rolled back to 8.1 for the 6th time. Wanted to like 10 but it’s just too much of a buggy beta OS. Hard resets made my phone even slower and made the battery drain even worse again. Sticking with 8.1 for good. In my opinion, 10 will never be anything decent on mobile. You’re lucky if it works well for you, but overall, an OS shouldn’t be a roll of the dice for every handset.