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NVIDIA Shield Tablet 2 KO with Nintendo NX rumor

If you had been expecting to see the NVIDIA Shield Tablet 2 on the market in the coming weeks, we have a quick heads-up to say that it doesn’t look like it is coming at all now.

NVIDIA has strangely sent a letter to the FCC effectively cancelling the product, with rumors now swirling around on social media that this could be linked to the upcoming Nintendo NX.

The Nintendo NX is rumored to be powered by an NVIDIA Tegra X2, with the NX dev kit having ran on the X1 chip but Nintendo reportedly planning to bump this up to the X2 for a further performance boost.


This could be the main reason for why the NVIDIA Shield Tablet 2 won’t be coming out, in order for both products to not compete against each other.

Nothing is confirmed yet publicly of course, but you can see here on the FCC website that NVIDIA has cancelled the Shield Tablet successor due to ‘business reasons’.

What are your thoughts on this, are you still using the NVIDIA Shield Tablet K1 and will plan to get a Nintendo NX next year?



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