MacBook Pro 2016 connectivity necessity

By Peter Chubb - Aug 18, 2016

The release of the next MacBook Pro update is expected to just be months away, so the anticipation levels are now starting to increase ever so slightly. So let’s have another look at predicting the technologies that could be updated, or more so the connectivity at least.

Let’s get one thing clear, and that is the whole debate about the 2016 MacBook Pro process upgrade, as the Kaby Lake is highly unlikely to make the cut because the high-performance variant will not be ready in time, as it’s not due for mass production until early 2017 at least.

New MacBook Pro inspired by iPad

So what is it that we can expect in terms of a change in technology? There is reason to believe that Apple could embrace smaller USB-C ports, which would consist of Thunderbolt 3 and USB 3.1 data connectivity. Apple do need to address this area, seeing as though they have now fallen behind when it comes to transfer technology.

The current connection options for the MacBook are now way out of date, and so needs to be removed from the list of specs this year, or sales will start to fall even further behind. We live in an age where the transfer of data needs to be as fast as it can be, and this cannot be achieved with the current MacBook Pro connectivity.

Maybe we should not be too fast in being upset with Apple for not updating the MacBook Pro connection sooner, as USB 3.1 2nd-gen and Thunderbolt 3 are still in their infancy, and so they want to make certain peripherals and cables are reliable on the latest additions.

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