Verizon risk new backlash over Android bloatware

By Alan Ng - Aug 17, 2016

If you are already unhappy with the amount of Verizon bloatware on your Android device, you are unlikely to be happy over potential plans for Verizon to extend this and put even more software on your device automatically during device setup.

We know many of you see this as an ongoing headache when buying a new Verizon device, so we want to make you aware of what could be happening in future if Verizon get their way.

A new report published recently by Adage suggests that Verizon is actively seeking new partnerships with big brands to put guaranteed software onto your device, for a small fee to be paid to Verizon per device.


This fee is thought to be between $1 to $2 per device and if agreed, it would mean a few extra apps on top of Verizon branded apps that already come preinstalled with many new devices.

Obviously these apps can be deleted straight away, but the fact that they arrive there guaranteed may be a major turn off if this deal really comes to fruition.

What are your thoughts on the current state of Verizon bloatware, does it still make you angry or is it a non-issue now as you can simply remove?

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