Tsu website shut down forever, reasons why

By Alan Ng - Aug 17, 2016

Some of you may be wondering why the Tsu social network website is not working, a website which at its peak boasted over 5 million users due to its unique strategy.

Unfortunately though, it looks like that strategy was not sustainable as right now it seems that Tsu has shut down for good and doesn’t intend to come back up.

Below is a segment of the statement left on the Tsu website homepage by founder Sebastian Sobczak, as users wonder if they’ll still be eligible for their $100 cash rebate.


As you can see there will still be a chance to recoup money owed, but you only have until August 31 to claim. While a lot of users stayed away from Tsu due to it feeling obtrusive, others obviously saw a massive potential to make money at home and was well worth the effort.

Facebook ultimately didn’t agree though and now it looks like you will have to say your goodbyes to Tsu for good. How do you feel about the service ending?

Would you like to see this type of social network platform come back under a different approach?

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  • Ron Callari

    “Facebook didn’t agree” on what? FB had nothing to do with Tsū going dark – you need to do a little more research!

    • Antonio Carbone

      Agreed Ron