Galaxy Note 7, a quartet of problems

By Peter Chubb - Aug 17, 2016

If you are from the UK, then you know that some of the Galaxy Note 7 problems are easy to overcome, seeing as though it’s been 2 years since the release of the Note 4, and you missed out on last years upgrade. However, if you live in the US, then you might have a harder time coming to terms with some of the shortcomings of Samsung’s latest handset.

While we hate to always focus on the negative, we feel as though potential buyers need to know what the shortfalls of a device are before parting with their hard earned cash.

Galaxy Note 7 Stylus shortcomings

There are a quartet of Galaxy Note 7 problems that stand out to us, and those are being a bit on the expensive side. An increase in price over the outgoing model does make some of us worry that the iPhone 7 Plus could also cost more than the outgoing model.

Next up is that common issue where the Galaxy Note 7 Iris Scanner does not work as well as it should with those of you that have to wear glasses. We do hope that this issue can be overcome with a software update of some sort.

The third issue is to do with the S Pen features, as we very much doubt they will win over new buyers that were thinking of moving from the Galaxy S range over to the Note. Finally, it is to do with that S Pen again, as it just feels a bit too flimsy, and so you would not associate this with a premium product. It will be interesting to see if Apple launch the iPhone Pro with Pencil how it would compare to the Note 7.

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  • Just saying

    Nothing new here.

  • SlickyBoy

    Seems like you had to reach a bit for problems with this device. Iris scanner – yeah, ok; but so what? Still has the fingerprint scanner and using a passcode is a more secure method anyway. Price? Well, welcome to the market segment – iPhone variants are not exactly cheap either. And the S pen – you either like it or you find no use for it. Most European markets don’t care about it, but there is still a large segment of American buyers keeping this feature alive. The new note has even more features with the S pen than before. I only wish they would put the button in a different place as it is difficult to actually write a note without constantly smacking it at inopportune moments.

    • Just saying

      100% agree although your assertion that European markets don’t care for the S Pen and it’s features is way of base. I have bought, used and loved all iterations of the Note series as have many friends and family. Samsung’s decision to not sell the 5 in Europe market was disappointing and bemusing to thousands as can be seen via Twitter and various news outlets. I have just traded in a Note 3 and got the equivalent of $200 dollars from the store which shows that, at least in the UK, the Note is valued and very much marketable.