New Microsoft Office apps for iPhone notes with reaction

By Peter Chubb - Aug 15, 2016

If you have been hoping that Apple will introduce an iPhone Pro model next month with Pencil support to make tasks much easier when using apps such as Microsoft Office, then you might be pleased with the latest update.

The new Microsoft Office apps for iPhone now offers a feature that allows you to draw with your finger, which was a feature previously limited to the iPad. Word, Excel and PowerPoint Version 1.24 is now available to download, and so if you already have these apps installed you had best hit that update tab.

Microsoft word, excel and powerpoint August update

The new Office apps for iPhone notes can be seen in the image below, and details all the new features. All three allow you to use your finger in order to write, draw and highlight with the tools, made possible with the new Draw tab. You can also enjoy greater flexibility for storing and accessing your presentations with Citrix, and in PowerPoint you can finally use the Find icon on the ribbon to search for any text in your presentation.

Some of our users have already started to wonder how on earth it will benefit them, although for the most part is considered to be a good step.

It also points out the issues that Apple has with Pages, as its improvements do seem to be lagging behind the competition.

Do you think this is a feature that you will use, or is it just pointless?

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