Destiny Rise of Iron DLC exclusives on PS4 Vs Xbox One

If you are considering buying Destiny for the first time mainly for the Rise of Iron DLC but don’t know which platform to opt for, Sony has now sent out word on what Destiny Rise of Iron exclusives will be on PS4.

Once again, Rise of Iron will have PlayStation exclusive content and we now know that this will involve a free ship and exclusive quest among other luxurious goodies.

Here is a nice glance at the full list of what extras you get with Rise of Iron just by having a PS4 version as opposed to Xbox.


The ship Timeless Tereshkova is the main attraction on offer and we can see already that fans are excited about it based on the design which you can see a preview of below.


What are your thoughts on this latest round of exclusives, is it really worth getting a PS4 version of Rise of Iron over Xbox? If you plan to play on Xbox One, have your say on this below.



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