September Apple event press invitation looms

By Peter Chubb - Aug 13, 2016

It was around a year ago that the Apple event in 2016 press invitations had been sent out, but for some reason they have still not landed. However, seeing as though the press invites were sent out on August 28 last year, we still have around 2 weeks to go before Apple sends these invites out for the iPhone 7 event, along with other products – or so we hope.

There are already plenty of rumours as to when the Apple 2016 press event will be to announce the new iPhone, and it looks as though September 7th will be the date, as this lands on a Wednesday. Having said that, they have also gone with a Tuesday, so the 6th is also a possibility, although the 7th is still the most likely of the two.

iPhone 7 audio via Lightning input

Next Apple event with iOS 10 GM – We do know that during or just after the event Apple will release iOS 10 Gold Master, and so will be the last version of iOS 10 before it gets released to the public, which should be one week after the day of the event. With this in mind, we suspect the iOS 10 release date should be on Sept. 14 this year.

Once the invites do go out, we won’t know for certain what Apple will be focusing on, as last year they did not drop any hints, although this is nothing really new seeing as though they do like to keep things close to their chest. Having said that, we know it’s not going to be all about the phone, and so will Apple choose next month’s event to announce a new iPad Pro, along with updates to the iMac and MacBook Pro?

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