Microsoft Surface Watch release in 2017 release likelihood

By Peter Chubb - Aug 13, 2016

There have been rumours that Microsoft were to release a Surface Watch for a couple of years now, yet none of these have come to fruition. However, seeing the success that their rival has had with the Apple Watch over the past year or so does make you wonder if Microsoft could reconsider this?

The likelihood of a Microsoft Surface Watch release in 2017? With Microsoft choosing to put all of its effort into the Windows 10 Anniversary Update, they do not look as though they will release an new Surface products this year. We know that the Pro 5 should be released later this year, but the lack of rumours do seem to point more towards a 2017 release.

Microsoft Surface Watch

2017 certainly looks set to be a big year for Microsoft, as the Surface 4 should be released alongside the Pro 5, and also the Surface Phone. Not only that, but the rumours of a Surface AIO will not go away either, especially now it’s thought that three size version are currently in testing. With this being the case, we wonder if next year Microsoft could round off its new product launches with a Surface Watch?

We know that a Surface Watch was part of an April fools from Microsoft Australia, but it did gain traction and made people question why the company did not pursue it any further. Just look at Apple; people thought they would have no success with such a device, and to date the Apple Watch is the biggest selling smartwatch, and sales are still proving very well, even though a new model is rumoured to be revealed and released in either September of October.

Do you think the time is finally right for Microsoft to release a Surface smartwatch?

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