No Man’s Sky review disbelief shocks gamers

By Alan Ng - Aug 11, 2016

It has been a few days since release on PS4, so we wanted to find out how you are all finding No Man’s Sky so far. We say this, as there has been some rather surprising events unfolding with regards to the No Man’s Sky review page on Metacritic which many gamers abide by before making their decision to purchase.

We’re talking about the user reviews that are coming in thick and fast, as at the time of writing the game only has a 5.0 user score. This is comprised of over 2,000 user reviews and unfortunately we can see that there are more negative reviews being left than positive ones.


We also lost count of the amount of times, the word ‘repetitive’ was being used in the majority of the negative review scores. The critic reviews are not live yet, but is this an indication that ‘professional’ reviewers may lean towards the same way?

If you bought the game at launch, we invite you to leave your honest opinion on the game in our discussion section. Simply put guys: Is No Man’s Sky too repetitive, or is the game being treated unfairly on Metacritic?

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  • Plato Tesla

    Since the game stared I’ve had 20+ crashes and now the latest patch 1.04 has made it unplayable I’m on ps4 now when started it goes to loading screen then crashes wonder how long it will take for them to fix I’m considering uninstalling and demanding a refund as I in good faith paid for what I mistakenly thought to be a working game

  • DEV00100000

    5/10 is a shame, truly not a representation of how incredible this game really is. I’ve sunk 18 hours in this game and I can’t wait to get home to get lost in another 6 tonight!

  • Scott Lee Clayton

    Ohh Dave!! you plonker.

  • Dave

    hum… 5/10 that’s a shame, I would of given lower then that, don’t have it but looking at youtube I would rate it 4.5 or lower

    • Andy

      Imagine you were a movie critic, you don’t watch a movie but slate it. Your opinion would be worthless. Oh! Troll, did I mention your opinion is worthless.

    • DEV00100000

      Sadly, this is probably where a majority of the “bad” ratings are coming from — people that didn’t even pick up a controller. You can’t rate it, because you haven’t played it…