Final Fantasy 15 perfect preview with 60 min gameplay

By Alan Ng - Aug 11, 2016

If like us you cannot wait to play Final Fantasy 15 at the end of September after years of waiting, we have a fantastic video for you to watch now to get you into the mood perfectly.

This is a 60 minute montage of every single piece of Final Fantasy 15 gameplay released so far, rolled into one video for your viewing pleasure.

It’s a great reminder of the state of the game right now, especially when thinking back to the Final Fantasy Versus XIII dark days when a lot of gamers wondered if this game would ever see the light of day.


It’s happening though and it looks fantastically graphically – check out the video below from GameCross and we think you’ll appreciate it.

Also, a final reminder to those that still haven’t experienced the FFXV Platinum Demo yet. It’s a free gameplay preview of the game, with the opportunity to unlock Carbuncle in the main game, so it’s well worth the 3GB download for that alone and get you used to the new combat system.

How excited are you about the game? Don’t forget though, it’s not all smiles as Square-Enix plans to introduce a Season Pass for FF15, more on that here.

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  • Moon Strife

    I bought a PS4 for that freaking game. It gotta better be amazing!!

  • Dave

    I love it when they say your NPC friends are there with you to make look like multiplayer but it’s not, NPC are stupid annoying,
    I don’t like the length of Japaness RPG there’s too stupid long,
    They should of made it single player with 4 player coop option

    • Hugo Sit

      Yea they should make it into whatever the hell you like right? Because whatever u don’t like is stupid right? Lol

      • Dave

        hey it’s just an opinion, single player with no NPC and 4 player coop as an option,
        not hard to accomplish ok !

    • Masato Indou

      “I don’t like the length of Japaness RPG there’s too stupid long” – Dave 2016

      That is possibly THE best suggestion/commentary I have ever read for JRPGs.. no all RPGs in general, I mean we wouldn’t want our RPGs to run/go on for too long, 4-6 hrs max like The Order 1886 that’s how it should be

      …. yeah… no jst no 🙂