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Chrome 53 Beta release notes reveals features list

Even though Google are almost done with all platforms of Chrome 52, the team have already started work on Chrome 53, as details were revealed a few days ago of what to expect in the first Beta version. While we know this version is still in development, and so far from perfect, there are some great features coming, all of which will help to improve your browser experience.

The Chrome 53 Beta release notes make for an interesting read, as they highlight the main features in the next big update, along with other features in this release and also deprecations and interoperability improvements.

It’s very obvious what the main feature is, and that is PaymentsRequest API for Chrome OS, which we already knew was coming, seeing as though it was announced during Google I/O earlier this year. There’s also a video of the Payment Request API demo embedded for your viewing pleasure below.

Chrome 53 Beta features

The good news is that this feature is now up and running on Chrome Beta 53, giving users the ability to secure payments fast and seamless from their credit cards or Android Pay.

While a full list of the features can be seen in the image above, some of the other standout features are autoplaying of muted video, along with websites able to send uniquely badged notifications to the Android stars bar. Full details can be found on Chrome.

Since Chrome 53 Beta was released a few days ago, there have since been a few more updates to this, such as ceta channel 53.0.2785.55 (Platform version: 8530.49.0) for Chrome OS devices, and beta channel updated to 53.0.2785.57 for Windows, Mac and Linux. For more details on what these two updates offer, please visit Chrome Releases.



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