PS4 Neo live stream event for September 7

By Alan Ng - Aug 10, 2016

If you missed the big news earlier, Sony has announced that a PlayStation Meeting event will take place in September. This is going to be unmissable as it will reveal the PS4 Neo console to the world for the first time.

Now we have some more great news, with the confirmation that a PlayStation Meeting event live stream on September 7 will be available as well. That means Sony will open up the reveal to the entire world, meaning that you can watch from a variety of different sources.

These will include YouTube, on the PlayStation website, on Twitch and also directly on PS4 as well using the excellent Events app which Sony set up a few months ago.


We’ll bring you more details closer to the Sept 7 event, but for now make sure you tell all of your friends that the PS4 Neo is coming soon and it will be live streamed for free.

Are you ready to witness the next generation of PlayStation gaming, or are you happy to stick with PS4 or even Xbox One S until Project Scorpio arrives?

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  • Admir Karalic

    Can’t wait to replace the old PS4 with the new PS4.5 :P. Some may say it’s stupid, but at same time I like to future proof my purchases.