Best suspension for your KTM 450 EXC motorcycle

By Peter Chubb - Aug 10, 2016

There is no denying how fun, exciting and very popular the KTM 450 EXC motorcycle is, but there is always some confusion when it comes to buying your 250, 350 and 450 four-strokes. This is because the salespeople at KTM do like to confuse you when it comes to choosing either linkage or PDS.

Let’s say that you are looking for the best suspension for your KTM 450 EXC motorcycle, then how do you really known which would be the right choice for you? This suspension shootout will make all the difference to your dirt bike, but you do need to be armed with all the information before coming to an informed decision.


Thankfully, Dirt Bike Magazine has decided to take a load of your mind and finally make things that much easier when choosing the correct suspension setup for your KTM dirt bike.

Now, we could try to go into detail about what Dirt Bike Magazine has come up with, but they really do in to depth about linkage and the Progressive Damping System, but it would be far better for you to head direct to the article, as so much of it would get lost in translation.

Having said that, if you know what each is supposed to do, then your choice should not really be that hard.

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