2017 Apple Band could cannibalise Apple Watch sales

By Peter Chubb - Aug 10, 2016

There are fresh rumours stating that an Apple Band will be released next year at the same time when the 2017 iPhone is released, as part of the 10th anniversary plans. While some of you will welcome this, we have a very hard time believing it, although Apple has done strange things in the past.

The issue we have here is that while an Apple Band would be ideal for those wanting a fitness device and are unable to afford the Apple Watch, the 2017 Apple band could cannibalise Apple Watch sales.

Apple Watch 2 specs

In the report it claims that Apple is in the process of developing a health-tracking device, and so we can fully understand why people would jump to the conclusion of an Apple Band. However, when you take a moment and take in the rumour, it’s more than likely features that will appear in a future Apple Watch, as we know the current model falls short of being an ideal fitness device because of its shortcomings.

It’s just hard to believe that Apple would want to release a fitness band when most of the technology is already in the Apple Watch, albeit from GPS and a few more sensors. Ok, so we know that the Apple Watch is a bit on the expensive side, but we very much doubt they will want to release a device just to cater for those with a limited budget.

Having said that, Apple did release the iPhone SE for those that were unable to afford the 6s, and so you never no really.

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