WWE 2K17 Roster Week 2 reveal time today

By Alan Ng - Aug 9, 2016

We are almost ready for another roster reveal for WWE 2K17. For those that missed week 1 and need a heads-up, we have a quick reminder on what time the week 2 WWE 2K17 roster reveal is out.

In week 1, 2K revealed via IGN that legends such as as Booker T and Jim Neidhart made the list, while current superstars will include the likes of Chris Jericho, Heath Slater, Konnor and Viktor will be on the roster too.

Now, the WWE 2K17 Roster Week 2 on IGN will be revealed starting at 6am Pacific Time, then fully revealed at 9am Pacific Time. That means 12PM Eastern Time and 5PM for those in the UK for when you should be able to see the next batch of WWE 2K17 wrestlers and legends who have made it into the game.


Ultimate Warrior made it into WWE 2K17 again, so who do you want to see next from the legends – obviously there’s hundreds to choose from so let’s hope that 2K gets it right to keep everyone happy.

We’ll update this article with the new list of wrestlers for week 2, so come back at the times above later!

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