WoW Demon Hunter release time for EU, US

By Alan Ng - Aug 9, 2016

There is a lot of excitement in the air, over the imminent WoW Demon Hunter release time for EU and US players. Everyone wants to know what time the Demon Hunter is out for World of Warcraft and there seems to be a lot of confusion on if the new content is out on August 9 or August 10.

First of all, you should be reminded that you can only play as the Demon Hunter if you have secured early access. Otherwise you’ll have to wait until everyone else on August 30 when the WoW Legion expansion officially launches.

As for early access users, it looks like August 10 is going to be the time when you get to play as the Demon Hunter, rather than August 9.


We know this as EU forum manager Taepsilum has said so here, adding that players will begin at level 98. On top of this, Blizzard has already sent out word of WoW EU server maintenance happening on Wednesday August 10 from 3am to 6am CEST.

We’re presuming that the WoW Demon Hunter patch will go live after that. Over in the US however, the only maintenance posted so far is on Tuesday from 9am to 12pm Pacific Time, so we assume that you should follow the EU maintenance as a better guideline on when to expect Demon Hunter to go live.

We’ll provide updates here on the release, so leave a comment if you are excited and keep checking back.

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