Full 2017 Honda Civic styling visible in latest photos

By Peter Chubb - Aug 9, 2016

You know that the 2017 Honda Civic release date is drawing ever closer because some of the new models have been seen with no disguise heading to Southampton, UK. This means the full styling of the next Honda Civic is visible.

Even though these are not full-on shots, the pics were taken while the upcoming Honda Civic vehicles were on a transporter, and so you do manage to get to see the front, rear and side, albeit on different cars – but you do manage to get a complete picture when piecing them together.

However, we are not sure if these are the models for the roads of the UK, as Autocar believes these are for the US, seeing as though Southampton is used as a main export hub.

2017 Honda Civic specs

Looking at the 2017 Honda Civic photos we can see just how similar they are to the concept that was shown to us at the Geneva motor show. You will notice that the twin central exhaust is gone and in its place is an exhaust tip on each corner instead. The rear spoiler remains pretty much the same, and so incorporated as part of the rear screen.

What we are surprised about is how Honda has decided not to give their new Civic LED taillights, although the person that shared these images with Autocar was very impressed with the high-quality of the leather interior – although this is surely reserved for the high-end trim?

What else can you see that is different in this tenth-generation Honda Civic?

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