Pokemon Go Pokeadvisor alternative after blocked

By Alan Ng - Aug 8, 2016

The fallout continues with Pokemon Go players now unhappy after finding out that Pokeadvisor has been blocked, a very popular website which tracks player data and provides a live pokedex which updates statistics automatically as your journey progresses.

Just like Pokevision before it though, Niantic has decided that they don’t want users to enjoy this either and now players are frantically looking for a Pokeadvisor alternative that works for the time being.

Upon logging into the website, you will now be greeted with the following message:

“Unfortunately, it appears niantic has blocked pokeadvisor from accessing your data. we will not be able to update your trainer. the site is in read only mode, so you can search for your trainer and download your pokemon for a little while longer.”


We are looking for some Pokeadvisor alternatives for you to use for IVS, but so far it appears that Pokeadvisor was in a league of its own.

Are you worried at the direction in which Niantic is going with the game, in other words having complete control over any third-party apps used to enhance the experience?

Tell us what you think about this if Pokeadvisor is down for you today and share any alternatives that you spot in the comments. We’ll add them to the article!

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  • Kasper Santos

    Who ever wrote this article delete this, you mention alternative in the title and then say there is no alternative, can’t write anything without clickbate nowadays?

  • Вано Терещенко

    I think, that if Niantic gave us their own official alternative, like PokeAdvisor – we would use it for shure. But they just grown more rage from our side