Apple Watch 2 killer feature debated

By Peter Chubb - Aug 7, 2016

It’s still not known just when the Apple Watch 2 release date will be, although most rumours seem to suggest its unveil will be next month during the September Apple event, where we will also get to see the iPhone 7 for the first time. However, the 2nd-gen model might not actually see its release until October, as this would make it 16 months since the release of the current model.

As ever all that we know, or presume to is based on mere speculation, although there seems to be no shortage of the Apple Watch 2 killer feature being debated.

The most recent rumours seem to report what we already presumed, and that is a thinner design, as it’s no secret that the current model is a bit on the thick side, and so needs to be slimmed down, but not by much. Ok, so we know that this does not constitute a killer feature, but it would be a pretty big deal if the second generation Apple Watch was thinner.

Apple Watch 2 specs

So what killer feature would actually do it for you? Well, a larger battery is one suggestion, although this could come at the expense of a thinner design. We know that there has been talk of a One Glass Solution, which would allow for that extra room inside to accommodate a larger battery.

Even though owners of the current model would welcome GPS to allow for improved health features, and the ability to not need to pair with your iPhone, and so making it more of a standalone device, this does not seem to bother everyone. However, having a front-facing camera for FaceTime or selfies is one feature that most current owners tend to agree would be a welcome addition.

We know that the watch already supports faceTime, but only audio calls, and so supporting video calls would be a huge benefit to many Apple Watch owners.

If you had to choose a killer feature, then which of these would it be: FaceTime camera, Less reliance on iPhone, New design, Better battery life, GPS, or something else?

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