Today’s Rio Olympics schedule, medal count via apps

By Peter Chubb - Aug 6, 2016

The 2016 Rio Olympics is now underway after what we have to say was one of the best opening ceremonies we have seen. Although we know there has been a great deal of controversy going into the games, what with the whole Russian doping scandal, and also whether Brazil was ready for the event, all of that will be forgotten about as the best athletes in the world compete to earn wither Gold, Silver or Bronze medals.

As a spectator there will be a few things that you will want to know, the first is today’s 2016 Rio Olympics schedule, and also the medal count, as it’s always nice to know what the Rio Olympics medal tally is to see how each country is doing.

There are several ways that you can find out that information, such as just searching Rio Olympics on Google, and you will be met with today’s featured events, along with the medal standings below those results. This is especially good because the times will be given to you for your region, and so no trying to work out the time zone difference.

Today's Rio Olympics schedule, medal count

However, there are also other ways, such as apps for the Rio Olympics, like the official one for Android, iOS and Windows Phone. All three received an update recently as there were reports of these apps crashing, and also to fix a bug where news stories would not show social media embed. These three apps all have the same features though, such as detailed spectator guides, tips for a great time in Rio de Janeiro, play-by-play results with real-time medal tables, along with awesome coverage and amazing photos as well as some cool competitions.

If you feel you already have too many sports apps and are wondering if your favourite sorting app offers any 2016 Olympic updates, then you are in luck, as the likes of NBC Olympics, ESPN, theScore, Rio 2016 Social Hub, Olympic Athletes’ Hub, Uber and Airbnb all provide awesome coverage of this great sporting event.

The best Olympics apps for the USA, Canada, UK and India are NBC Sports, CBC Rio 2016, BBC News and believe it or not Hotstar TV Movies Live Cricket respectively.

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