iPhone 7 UK price hike concern

By Peter Chubb - Aug 6, 2016

Last month saw the value of the Pound fall due to the Brexit vote, and while we have seen the GBP rise slightly over the past few weeks, things are set to get worse again before getting better. One of the reasons is the Bank of England’s decision to reduce interest rates, and also bolster the economy by £60 billion.

So why are we talking about such things on a website devoted to tech, gaming and cars? Well, with the value of the Pound having fallen and set to fall once again, it means that buying Apple products such as an iPhone or iPad are no longer cheaper in the US. If the value of the Pound does fall again as predicted, then this does represent an iPhone 7 UK price hike concern.

We have seen in the past that people from the UK that travel to places such as New York would hold off their purchase and buy one in NYC, as this was a way to save some money, but this is no longer the case.

Lackluster iPhone 7 update

However, we just do not see Apple swallowing this loss because of the value of the pound, and so could see them increasing the price of their products if the trend continues. Ok, so we know that the value of the pound goes up and down all the time, but it has not fallen and could remain volatile for many months now, and so these are uneasy times.

It’s all very well speculating, and so we will just have to wait and see, although we will not be kept waiting too long, seeing as though Apple are to hold their September event in around a month’s time. Only then will we find out if Apple plans to raise the price of their products, such as the new iPhone for 2016.

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