Leicester City players show off 19 BMW i8 cars

By Alan Ng - Aug 5, 2016

If you consider owning one BMW i8 sports car would be a dream come true, then how about see 19 of them all in one place? That’s exactly what has happened to Premier League champions Leicester City, with the chairman of the club awarding every player their own BMW i8 as a way of saying thanks.

Talk about the best chairman ever! Take a look at the amazing pictures here which shows all of the players having parked their shiny new i8’s next to one another.


It must be fun initially to decide who parks where and remembering which one is actually yours when they all look the same.

The burning question that we have on our minds right now, is whether N’Golo Kante got one despite moving to rivals Chelsea, or if Mahrez gets one too given that he may be on the verge of an Arsenal FC transfer.

What are your thoughts on this? Too much money in football and this only makes you angry? Tell us in the comments below.

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