Xbox One S best price at Tesco, Amazon, Smyths, ASDA

By Alan Ng - Aug 4, 2016

If you are looking to buy the brand new Xbox One S in the UK, you are probably wondering what is the best Xbox One S price online at Tesco, Amazon, Smyths, ASDA and other popular destinations.

If this ticks your box with a big fat yes, then we have a quick round-up and a heads-up on where you should buy Microsoft’s brand new console which comes with 4K gaming capabilities and instant 4K blu-ray player functionality.

First off, Tesco Direct are listing the console for sale but at the time of writing they are currently sold out – keeping checking the link though as stock may return at any moment.


Amazon UK were selling this console for £380, which was their own increase from the original launch price of £350. This apparently worked for Amazon as stock has completely sold out again – however there are third party sellers offering the console for £480 and above so prepare to pay more if you still want one.

Moving on, Smyths are still offering stock but you have to use their store locator here and hope that your local shop still has some units left. Their price has not been increased though – £349.99 for the 2TB version.


ASDA’s online service for games is still pretty disappointing. As you can see from the image we took, the supermarket isn’t even offering the Xbox One S for sale. You may get lucky in terms of in-store sales, but you are probably better trying your luck at Smyths.

What is the best Xbox One S price in the UK that you have seen in-store, or online? Tell us in the discussion section below and let’s get gamers the best deal.

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  • Dave

    it’s the price converted to us like 1000$
    your paying 1000$ for game console that is already going downfall ouch

    • Cigi

      Are you drunk?