Why Pokevision is not working for Pokemon Go

By Alan Ng - Aug 4, 2016

Many of you are rightfully upset with the latest Pokemon Go update, which removed tracking apps from the game which were used to location Pokemon in a particular area – before you actually went outside to catch them.

Niantic wants you to do everything randomly, which means sifting through countless low level Pokemon until you magically find that rare breed which you have been searching for.

We can understand their point of view, but that doesn’t solve the problem with the current backlash now that Pokevision is not working for Pokemon Go.


It was the number one app that everyone used for the game and now players are frantically trying to find alternatives that are yet to be blocked by Niantic – there are numerous available if you search hard enough.


Pokemon Go 1.1.1 was the infamous update that shut down Pokevision, so would you like you see it come back? You can keep track of all the Pokemon Go updates over at our updates section here.

If you are still upset about Pokevision, leave a comment below to show Niantic how you feel. Was Pokevision the only reason you would use Pokemon Go – can it still be fun without it?

Was it actually cheating? Have your say below!

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