New 2016 HTC Nexus tablet desired during October launch

By Peter Chubb - Aug 4, 2016

October has been the preferred month for Google to release new Nexus devices, and so it stands to reason that we will see upcoming Nexus handsets from HTC released in that month, with the 4th looking like the most likely date.

With several rumours pointing to a Google Nexus product launch on October 4th, 2016, we do have to wonder – well hope – if we will see the launch of a new HTC Nexus tablet?

Pixel C seond generation

It’s almost been two years since HTC released the Nexus 9, and so surely it’s high time that a new model was released? Now, it does not need to be called a 2016 Nexus 9, as it would benefit HTC and Google to come up with a new name.

Ok, so we know that there is the Pixel C, which is an Android tablet marketed by Google, but it is not associated with the Nexus brand in any way, and is more like a Surface device or and iPad Pro in that respect.

Do you think that Google really needs a new Nexus tablet to introduce this year, or do you feel that the Pixel C is the way forward for the company? Who knows, maybe we will see the Pixel C second generation model unveiled in October instead?

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