Xbox One S UK stock update urgency

By Alan Ng - Aug 2, 2016

If you are looking to buy the Xbox One S in the UK today following on from launch, we have a quick heads-up to say that it is not looking too healthy with multiple sellers already having sold out of all units.

Trying to buy the Xbox One S 2TB launch edition in the UK from the usual suspects such as Amazon UK, GAME, Tesco and ShopTo is now not possible – they are all out of stock.

Right now, the only reputable seller that we can see with stock still available is GameStop UK, who have the Xbox One S available at the time of writing for £349.97.


There are some third party sellers on Amazon who are offering the console, but we would advise against this in case it turns out to be a nightmare if things go wrong.

Are you frantically searching for stock? Use our comments section and tell us where you managed to pick up your 2TB edition!

We will update you in the comments whenever we spot more stock becoming available.

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  • Dave

    lol jesus, your not missing anything, fanboys will rush out and buy any products from microsoft,
    wait 3months this thing will not sell and they have to stop production again

    • Troy Marcel

      There is so much fail in your rant

      • Dave

        nop no fail, just the harsh reality of how things work for this company,

    • Pops

      sounds like salt pony