PS Plus August 2016 lineup disappoints fans

By Alan Ng - Aug 2, 2016

We can see that there is a lot of disappointment in the air and probably a lot of anger too over Sony’s quality of games for the PS Plus August 2016 lineup.

While some of you may love the fact that Tricky Towers and Rebel Galaxy are going to be free throughout August, it looks like the majority of social media are united in the belief that Sony needs to do better.

After all, PS Plus is now a mandatory payment to play games online and for the extra money gamers are entitled to feel like they need a better return on some of the games handed out each month.


Indie games are obviously very good in places and PS Plus is very important in helping gamers discover them when otherwise it would be very difficult.

Should Sony perhaps save a few months of each year to give away AAA games no matter what though, so at least subscribers know that there will be a few ‘killer’ months to look forward to?

Have your say on this below, if you are feeling really disappointed with the August lineup as you can see many are above in the screenshot from Twitter.

Do you agree on the idea of Sony committing to several months of AAA games per year, as a mandatory event?

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  • Matthew Lowery

    Guys, I have a very scary thought. Sony is preparing to give us hell over the coming months, and there will be a month where we will have 5 indie titles and a PSP game as the main AAA. It is going to happen. If to many of y’all this PS Plus month isn’t the worst, well you got at least 30 minutes of gaming hell ahead some point later this year.

  • Dave

    yeah yeah I hear ya, disappointed in the offer of free games, lets not forget Sony dishing out millions to have exclusive maps/guns/story for games that come out on the other console
    while the other company closes studios and fires people yeah…