Articuno Pokemon Go location in Ohio

By Alan Ng - Aug 2, 2016

There has been another apparent Articuno Pokemon Go location sighting, this time in Ohio. Reddit and Twitter users have been sending the internet into a frenzy as a result, but is this is a legit find or another elaborate hoax?

Again, it looks like there is no absolute certainty that this is real, but take a look at the latest picture doing the rounds on social media.


If it is true, then the world’s first legendary in Pokemon Go Articuno has been caught on top of a gym in Ohio. Some even say that it was handed out by Niantic on purpose as a way of an ‘apology’ in relation to recent complaints about the latest Pokemon Go update.

What are your thoughts on this? Check out more talk about this apparent Articuno Pokemon Go catch on Twitter here and leave a comment below if you think it’s real or fake.

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