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Preparing for Windows 10 Anniversary Update install

That countdown to the end of the free Windows 10 upgrade is getting ever closer to reaching zero, as your last chance to update is July 29. It does seem like a long time since we were installing the app to know when we were able to install Windows 10, and now we are getting very close to the release of the Anniversary Update.

Preparing for the Windows 10 Anniversary Update install – is not like it was for the current Windows 10 update, as that was far more involved, such as making certain that your PC was compatible, which was made easier by installing the Get Windows 10 app and then from the menu selecting Check your PC.

Thankfully you do not need to do this, as already having Windows 10 installed means it will be able to support the upcoming Anniversary Edition.

Preparing for Windows 10 Anniversary Update install

However, there are still a few things that you need to do in order to make certain you do not come across any issues during and after the Windows 10 Anniversary Update install process.

Firstly you will want to make a full backup of your system files before even attempting an upgrade. Next you might wish to disable all unnecessary security software, as you can more than trust Microsoft when downloading the install file. Finally, you might wish to cleanup your files, and delete things you no longer need.

Once you have performed these simple tasks, then you are ready to go, and so good luck for August 2.



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