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New VAIO C15 Series laptop price questioned

Oh dear, it looks as though the VAIO brand looks to be going backwards since parting ways with Sony. Why do we say such a thing? Well that is an easy answer the moment you set your eyes on the new VAIO C15 Series laptop.

Now you have had time to look at the images of the new model below you will know just what we mean, as it seems as though the VAIO C15 Series has taken a step back in time in terms of its design, as it is pretty ugly and bulky.

With that is mind, the so-called new fashionable VAIO laptop price is questioned because it does seem to be a bit on the high side.

New VAIO C15 Series laptop price

In terms of price, you will be paying 66,800 yen, or $641 for the C15 laptop with a 15.5-inch display at 1366 x 768, which already sounds out of date by 2016 standards. Then there is the poor 4GB of RAM and that Intel Celeron 3215U processor. The good news for those that feel this is ugly and out of date is the fact that it’s currently not available in the US, and there is no release date at the moment – if at all.

There are VAIO C15 laptop upgrade options, such as going to 8GB and a 1080p display, along with an Intel i3 processor, which is still slow in the grand scale of things.

We’re told that there are several colors options to choose from, such as navy/grey, orange/khaki, white/copper, and yellow/black. Just do us a favor and look at this laptop from a side profile, it looks so thick that you really would think you have gone back more than five years.



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