Marvel Ultimate Alliance PS4 price, DLC anger

By Alan Ng - Jul 26, 2016

We have a word of warning to all those that are planning to buy Marvel Ultimate Alliance on PS4 this week. It looks like on first impressions, Ultimate Alliance re-release does not come with all the DLC exclusive characters.

This is somewhat surprising, given that Activision are boldly demanding a $60 fee for both MUA 1 and 2, or $40 to buy each game separately.

We didn’t hear much information from the publisher prior to release and there has been no definitive statement on the issue of DLC, which all fans need to know about before deciding whether or not to purchase.


For those that are not aware, Marvel Ultimate Alliance 1 had DLC characters such as Venom, Hulk, Magneto, Nightcrawler, Doctor Doom and Cyclops.

However it looks like they are missing from the PS4 version, as they were initially locked away to the original Xbox 360 release and haven’t been put into the pot as default characters for the re-release.

As for Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2, it looks like the DLC characters will be included by default, but that still doesn’t make up for the complete silence regarding the original game.

With PSP, Xbox 360 and even Gameboy Advance characters, are you expecting some answers from Activision before you buy this game?

Let us know if you have bought the game and are unhappy about the locked DLC characters in the roster. Surely Activision are not planning to charge extra for them?

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  • Rawindra

    I hope it actually includes PSP exclusives as well. Yet, if the patch only includes 360 DLC exclusives, I felt that not all care for missing PSP exclusives, who knows? Either as:
    1. Unused bonus just like in Wii version, which has an HQ PS2 base texture model files of them, as well as HQ huds & power icons, but not include the sounds unlike the rest of all ports outside PSP version (most are incomplete, except Hawkeye in 360, due to being part 360 DLC)
    2. A. Truly add along with 360 DLC exclusives
    2. B. Wave 3 update patch

    For those who don’t know: Hawkeye (character is currently part of Xbox 360 DLC GE, but not simulation, which is still part of PSP), Black Widow, Captain Marvel & Ronin + Simulations (for these characters, such as Hawkeye + Survivals)

    Some characters that were exclusively on certain console ports that were developed by a different game developers outside main versions (Ravensoft & Vicarious Visions) not gonna make it. I wish they were if it weren’t for licensing issues 8 years ago

  • Joe

    I need the dlc might go buy the games today but I need hulk in my lineup or it’s not as fun for me it’s like here’s 140 characters but not your favorite one go F yourself

  • Matthew

    The dlc is coming soon says bill from marvel 😀

    • Brandon Hanks

      Coming soon? It should have come from the start. Mainly because when you re-released an old game I kinda feel like if your a developer why go back after the release if its something most won’ pick up.

      • Matthew

        I know but life does not always go right.

  • adampoole

    i don’t care if it includes the DLC or if it looks next gen.. i just wanna play the games since i missed out on them for ps3

  • Derek Metaltron

    It’s a darn shame as I would’ve loved to play with the DLC characters in MUA, especially Doom and Nightcrawler. That said I hope this game means a MUA3 is possible!

  • J

    I’m glad I checked to see if the dlc was included before I bought it. I really enjoyed these games in the past and was willing to plop down the $60 for both, but if the first one is missing the DLC then I’m holding onto my money. For wanting to charge so much and from whats been said the actual upgrades are minimal, I’ll just hook up my xbox 360 and play them on that instead if I feel like it. If they get the dlc situation sorted and added in the future maybe I’ll pick it up for the sake of convenience, but for now I don’t feel its worth it if you already own the games with all the dlc.

    • Army Ant

      Exactly! You can find the Gold Edition on Xbox 360 for under 40 bucks if you know how to shop around ( though not after this revelation, I’d wager). Buy it and have fun with all of the characters instead of a gimped roster on next gen!

  • NgTurbo

    Nobody else annoyed that DLC is not on this re-release? Come on, tell Activision how you feel!!

    • Daniel Moran

      I just bought it and am very pissed, I was able to use these characters originally, since i played it on the ps3 before. They better add them in.

      • DugFreez

        The 8 DLC characters for MUA were not available on the PS3 version. They were Xbox 360 exclusive.

        • dTRON

          this is true. wikipedia it.

        • Joe

          F*#K X box