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Gold OnePlus‬ 3 ‪release in hours, but not UK

Some phone makers tend to release a new color a few months after the release of a new model, as this is a good way to help bring that model back into the public eye. If sales have started to fall, then this would certainly help to bolster those sales again, and this is surely why the OnePlus‬ 3 will soon have a soft gold color option.

We know that there are many gold handsets out there, although OnePlus believes many of them do look gaudy, and so this is the reason why they have gone for a softer gold, as it makes the OnePlus‬ 3 look more elegant.

When will the Soft Gold Edition OnePlus‬ 3 ‪be released? Well, for those of you in the US, its release is just hours away, as you will be able to order yours from 12:00 pm US Eastern time today, July 26th.

New Gold OnePlus 3 color

However, try to not get too excited just yet if you live outside the US, as you will have to wait until August 1 to get your hands on the soft gold OnePlus 3 in countries such as the UK.

There is one issue though, and that’s the fact supplies will be limited in numbers – and so surely something that OnePlus have done on purpose in order to try to make people rush to buy them.

Want to see more, then watch the video of the Soft Gold Edition OnePlus 3 below.



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