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iPhone 7 drop test anticipation

You might wonder why we would say that people have a great amount of anticipation in regards to the iPhone 7 drop test. While we love to know how well one of these handsets would be able to survive while being dropped, many of us will go for a case of some sort anyway to add that bit more protection.

Anyway, back to this anticipation because it would seem that there is a good possibility that Gorilla Glass 5 could be used in the next iPhone due for release in September. While we cannot say for certain if Apple will actually use this next version of Corning Gorilla Glass, there is reason to believe that it is a candidate for future Apple devices, and so this could be the iPhone 7.

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In terms of how robust Gorilla Glass 5 will be, it’s suggested that it will be able to survive a drop facedown from 5.2 feet around 80 percent of the time. To put this into perspective, the Glass 4 is said to only survive drops of 3.2 feels, and so that is a vast improvement.

Corning says that their new version of Gorilla Glass is four times better than what rival products can offer, and it will not reduce clarity of the screen, or its touch sensitivity either.

We might be getting a bit ahead of ourselves here, as Corning have yet to announce when Gorilla Glass 5 will start to make it into devices, but its presumed to be this year, and so we can only presume that Apple will want to make use of it in their next iPhone. Then again, with the iPhone 7 already designed, maybe we will have to wait for next year’s model, which is expected to be the iPhone 8, and not the 7s?

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