Destiny Xur location tracked for July 22

It’s time to look out for Xur once again, as he will soon be appearing in the Tower or Reef today. As always, we have a heads-up on where Xur’s location is for July 22, 2016 so check back soon and we’ll let you know what he is selling.

Last week, Xur had a very strong lineup which included exotics such as the Super Good Advice, Ruin Wings and the Young Ahamkara’s Spine.

Players will be hoping for another good show and you’ll be able to see Xur spawn at 10am UK time, 2am Pacific Time and 5am Eastern Time if you are currently playing Destiny now and wondering when he’ll turn up.


Remember that last week he was in the Reef as well, so there’s still a possibility that he will surprise players who always think he will be in the Tower.

Come back at the times above and we’ll update this article with Xur’s inventory for July 22. Give us your thoughts on Destiny in its current state below – are you still an active player?

Update: Xur is live again guys and this is what he is selling: Dragon’s Breath, No Backup Plans, Radiant Dance Machines, The Impossible Machines, Primary Weapon legacy Engram

Location: In the Tower Hangar!



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