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No EE signal, not working in London, July 21

Is anyone on EE having signal problems is a question that several of our readers have been asking, and we have already seen a number of people reply to this that it’s not just a one-off issue with that particular person’s device.

The no EE signal seems to be only an issue for parts of London, and looking at the service status checker, we can clearly see that EE is not working in certain areas of London today, July 21.

No EE signal, not working in London, July 21

While we do not know all of the areas affected by this loss of EE signal, we do know that people in Putney are having issues.

We do keep seeing the same thing though, and that is the signal keeps going, coming back, and then going again, and so it does seem that there is some sort of issue, although we are uncertain how long it will be before full EE service returns.

Do you have any issues with your signal?



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