PS Plus August 2016 free games with leak excitement

It’s that time again when we look forward to the PS Plus August 2016 free games on PS4 and PS3. Sony will reveal the next games joining PS Plus soon, but before that we are keeping our eyes open for any leaks that happen beforehand.

If you are a PS Plus subscriber and look forward to the games becoming available, you’ll know that the lineup is almost always leaked a few days before the official announcement.

This usually comes in the form of Sony PSN store leaks in regions outside of the UK and US. For example, the PSN stores in France, Germany and Spain have leaked upcoming titles days in advance so now is the time when you should be keeping your eyes open.


We’ll do our best here to let you know when the PS Plus August 2016 lineup is official, but we have a feeling that leaks will be coming before that so stay tuned.

What games would you like to see next month? We see that the early rumors include the likes of Battlefield 4, Gran Turismo and God of War III remastered, but as usual no concrete evidence as of yet.

Participate in our discussion section and keep checking this article as we’ll update whenever new info or leaks coming in.



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