Marko Grujic FIFA 17 rating excitement for Liverpool

If you are buying FIFA 17 in September and plan to play Ultimate Team non stop with a Liverpool FC squad, you are probably very excited about new signing Marko Grujic.

This young player has performed very well in pre-season and is a unknown player that is set to be a hot prospect for those looking for silver players on the game.

Marko Grujic is not on the FIFA 16 database, so there’s no word on what rating he is going to have when the game ships.

However based on speculation via social media, fans are predicting a silver card rating between 70-75FIFA .

What rating do you think EA should give the player? Leave us a comment below on this and we’ll update you when EA give out official player ratings.

Remember that Emre Can was only a 75 gold card on FIFA 16 which surprised many, so should Grujic be a rare silver card, or a low gold card? Leave your predictions below!



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