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Latest EE tablet upgrade incentive and 4GEE WiFi

EE have certainly come a long way and boasts to have the best 4G signal in the UK, although that has always been up for debate. However, one thing we do know, and that is how great they are in coming up with deals and incentives that allow you to upgrade early, while not having to pay a premium to get out of that contract early.

Looking at the latest EE tablet upgrade offer, we have to say it’s a decent one, as its 50 per cent off your new plan for the first three months. The details: If you upgrade your current tablet three months before you are due an upgrade you will not have to pay any early fees, on top of that half price for those first three months of the new plan. That’s not all, because if you take an extra plan, then you will receive five times more data, along with 100MB of free roaming data in the EU.

4GEE WiFi Upgrade Offer

If you are not in need of a new device but would rather go for the 4GEE WiFi upgrade offer, then the UK network will also give you 50% off this for the first three months as well. Not only that, but you are also able to upgrade 6 months before your current contract is due to end, and again, no early upgrade fees.

You are not able to take advantage of these deals online, and so you can either call EE on 0800 956 3107 , or visit your local store, which you can find with this store finder.



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