Hotmail and Outlook email down not working say users

By Peter Chubb - Jul 20, 2016

Something does not seem to be right with Microsoft services, as we are getting reports that MSN Hotmail and Outlook email are not working today, July 20, 2016. Not only that, but does not seem to be working correctly either.

We have been asked is hotmail down, and the answer currently seems to be yes, although, Hotmail and Outlook are down as well. Not only that but there have also been reports from Product Reviews readers that Xbox Live is down today as well.


It’s not yet known what the issue is, although we highly doubt that it is a hack, which was one of the suggested reasons last time these services when down.

We have had several reports from our readers to say that Hotmail is not working, although this is also the case with Outlook and

There is currently no answer form Microsoft as to why these services are down, and so we have no idea when they will be back up.

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  • Joao Andrade

    It’s been a while since I last been able to log in/sign in into my hotmail/outlook account (through my laptop)!
    I wonder what’s going on?? Anyone has any info about it? or is it happening only with me?
    My phone app is working though!

    • J Barkeer

      Same with us this last five days. Can not send or receive. Who do we contact! cannot find that either.