FIFA 17 demo release date countdown on PS4, Xbox One

We are now getting closer to the FIFA 17 release date on Xbox One and PS4. Before that though, there’s the little matter of the the FIFA 17 demo coming out, which should be two weeks before launch.

EA usually stick to the same pattern every year, as don’t forget FIFA 17 will also be part of the EA Access program. This means that those subscribed on Xbox One will be able to play one week early.

With this in mind given that the UK release date for FIFA 17 is September 29, a demo launch for the week starting September 12 is very likely.

Although EA has not announced anything officially, there are already heavy rumors suggesting that the FIFA 17 demo is out on PS4 and Xbox One on Tuesday, September 13.


This date would then mean two weeks before launch and one week before early access begins on Xbox One with EA Access.

We hope to bring you more rumors to back this date up soon, but for now it is worth saving this date in your diaries.

Are you excited about FIFA 17 this year? Leave a comment below on what features EA should let you try out first in the demo.



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