Fallout 4 PS4 mods release date anxiety

By Alan Ng - Jul 18, 2016

It’s the start of another week and we are still no closer to knowing when Fallout 4 mods will be released on PS4. For those that are not aware, it is now coming up to two months since mods were initially launched on Xbox One.

The last word from Bethesda officially on mods for PS4 was on June 29, when the developer said that mods had been delayed indefinitely.

The frustrating aspect of course is that Bethesda hasn’t said what the reason for the delay is when obviously everyone wants to know why.

We knew that Microsoft had a month-long exclusivity with Bethesda to bring mods on console to Xbox One first, but PS4 owners will not want to wait two months to get the same content.


Is it a hardware problem or something deeper? Give us your thoughts on the delay as a Fallout 4 player on PS4 and if you were expecting it to be released already.

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  • Ben Redenbaugh

    Its a memory issue, On Xbox you can store up to 2gigs of data from downloads, but on PS4 you can only store 900mb. What Bethesda really needs is staff to oversee the submitted mods like they do on the Nexus. Instead its just a free-for-all and they really need to fix that.

  • disqus_cdE1bn5ZTx

    I am DONE buying bethesda games.

    As long as they continue to take a big ‘ol dump on playstation users with their half-assed bug feast games and now this BS with the mods! They announce LAST YEAR that playstation would get mods as well and not just the xbox.

    So they knew LAST YEAR of any problems that were going to come with having mods on the playstation.

    If they were too lazy and unprofessional to even look into what was needed to bring mods to the playstation before announcing it LAST YEAR, well then all I can say is that fits in perfectly with bethesda’s history with making products for the playstation.

    Always more bugs, more crashes, and more delays that xbox ever has gotten.

    And don’t go defending bethesda and saying its ‘easier’ to make a game on the xbox.

    They wanted the money from playstation users, then they should be held accountable to make a working quality product and also should be held accountable for promises made (mods for ps4, and mods by the end of June).

    I am sick of bethesda good riddance Aug 8th can’t get here fast enough!

    • Ram

      They should of made everyone wait till it was ready for both ps4 and Xbox. They always favorite the Xbox users which is bull

  • Daniel Lawson

    That its pretty sad that we have had to wait almost 3 months to get them if it dont take longer